Shahin - ny medarbetare i Stockholm

Ny i vår grupp inom berg och geoteknik i Stockholm är Shahin Shirzadegan. Shahin kommer senast från Luleå Tekniska Universitet där han arbetat med forskningsuppdrag på bergmekanikavdelningen.

Shahin berättar mer om vad hans forskningsuppdrag handlat om.

“- The work that I conducted at LTU was to develop a methodology for in-situ dynamic testing of rock support. In general, these tests provide opportunity to examine rock support against dynamic loads in a real rock mass condition.

However, since blasting is used in the tests to mimic the dynamic loads, there exists fundamental differences between the dynamic load generated from the blast and the load from a real seismic event. Therefore the task was to design the tests in a way that the simulated seismic event be close as possible to an actual seismic event. For this purpose, a number of tests were conducted at LKAB Kiirunavaara mine, to study the response of the installed rock support system and the tunnel to the simulated seismic event.

The results obtained during the field tests were numerically analyzed using UDEC computer program. Interesting results were obtained leading to provide suggestions on how to develop the testing method.”

Shahins forskningsrapport publiceras den 17 december.